Nyanza - Huye

Nyanza is a must-see location, particularly for visitors visiting Nyungwe National Park. The cultural significance of the region makes it an appealing stopover on your route. The King's Palace, a beautiful replica of the traditional royal home, is one of the primary attractions. This exquisitely made thatched home in the shape of a beehive bears witness to Rwanda's rich history and regal ancestry.

As you explore the King's Palace, you will be transported back in time, learning about royal life and Rwandan monarchy rituals. Immerse yourself in the enthralling stories of the past while admiring the architectural magnificence of this cultural treasure.

The presence of long-horned Ankole cattle, descendants of the king's treasured herd, is a highlight of the King's Palace. These gorgeous beasts are lovingly cared for by their keepers, who even sing traditional melodies to them. It is a one-of-a-kind and touching event that provides insight into the intimate attachment between Rwandans and their livestock.

Nyanza invites you to discover its cultural treasures, learn about its history, and feel the kindness of its people. Nyanza promises a voyage full with exploration and amazement, from the King's Palace to the stunning scenery that surround the city.
Nyanza - Huye

Things to do in Nyanza - Huye

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