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Nyungwe National Park is one of the most important biodiversity hotspots in Africa. It is home to over 1,068 plant species, 275 bird species, 80 mammal species, and 13 primate species. The park is also a vital source of water for the region.

Behind the scenes, Nyungwe National Park is a hive of activity. Here are some of the things that go on behind the scenes to keep the park running smoothly and to protect its biodiversity:

  • Research and monitoring: Scientists and researchers are constantly working in Nyungwe National Park to study its biodiversity and to develop conservation strategies. They monitor the populations of key species, such as chimpanzees and golden monkeys, and they track the impact of human activities on the park’s ecosystems.
  • Education and outreach: Nyungwe National Park is committed to educating the local community about the importance of conservation. The park offers educational programs for schools and community groups, and it works with local farmers to promote sustainable agricultural practices.
  • Anti-poaching patrols: Nyungwe National Park has a team of anti-poaching rangers who patrol the park 24/7 to protect its wildlife. The rangers work to prevent poaching and to apprehend poachers.
  • Habitat restoration: Nyungwe National Park has a dedicated team that is working to restore degraded habitats in the park. This team plants trees, builds artificial nests for birds, and removes invasive species.
  • Community development: Nyungwe National Park works with the local community to develop sustainable livelihoods. This helps to reduce the pressure on the park’s resources and to create a sense of ownership of the park among the local community.

Nyungwe National Park is a vital part of Rwanda’s natural heritage. The behind-the-scenes work that goes on to keep the park running smoothly and to protect its biodiversity is essential.


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